Pressure Pumps NQ is a specialist dedicated to the sale, service, repair and modification of small engine equipment in Cairns, North Queensland.

Our family business is owned and operated by Annette and Derek (the Big Fella) Ross, who brings more than 32 years of professional experience to the job.

Our vast product knowledge and friendly team service are the reasons that Pressure Pumps NQ is a one-stop shop for domestic users, industrial clients (and everyone in between). We provide professional help with:

  • Pressure cleaners and accessories
  • Generators
  • Most small engine equipment
  • Concreting equipment
  • Contractors equipment

Our relationships with Australia's leading brands means great deals on new equipment purchases. And our well equipped workshop and friendly team in Bungalow means a complete service and repair solution for Cairns and North Queensland.

At Pressure Pumps NQ your small engine equipment can not only be professionally serviced but also customised to suit special requirements.

Call the Big Fella from Pressure Pumps NQ today.
Call the Big Fella from Pressure Pumps NQ in Cairns, North Queensland, for the sale and service of:
Pressure Pumps NQ is dedicated in providing a high level of Professional, Friendly Customer Service and combined with our vast product knowledge, ready access to top brands of small engine equipment, we provide unparalleled guaranteed levels of Customer Satisfaction.
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