The Pros & Cons of Buying a Petrol Pressure Washer in Australia

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Pressure washers are useful, multi-purpose tools that make life easier. As work tools, they help put food on the table, and at home, they can offer a quick and easy solution to property care.

Since pressure cleaners were first manufactured, there has been debate over which power method was best–petrol or electric. Below is a quick read to help inform potential buyers.

Are petrol pressure washers better than electric?

While electric washers have many advantages, they are largely outperformed by petrol models—especially when it comes to power output.

One of the main drawbacks of electric machines is that the power cord limits your reach and cannot be used in regional areas without access to electricity. In addition, with electric devices, the pressure is low and the flow is limited.

With petrol machines (especially those saddled with powerful Honda engines), you’ll travel anywhere, have better performance and longer life.

Electric machines are helpful for home cleaning tasks, but they are often not capable of generating the power required for commercial applications. At the three horsepower mark, an electric machine goes from single-phase power to three-phase. It is a vital consideration when buying, as residential areas very seldom have access to three-phase power.

Choosing the correct pressure cleaner is an analytical decision. In fact, there are numerous options for driving a pressure cleaner pump, include diesel engine-powered and hydraulic motor-powered, however, they are almost always used in specific applications due to safety, legislation etc. So it pays to consult an industry professional such as Pressure Pumps NQ, so you can be assured of having the right work tool for your job.

For general domestic cleaning, PPNQ recommends something around the 2500psi @ 11lpm range, which needs approximately six horsepower to run, and for commercial usage, we recommend starting at 3000psi @ 18lpm.

Electric is the best pressure washer if noise is a factor

Noise can become a factor in specific applications. You may not want to disturb your quiet suburban street, or you, as the contract cleaner, may be required to work under particular decibel ratings in the CBD or after dark.

Electric motors are by far quieter than combustion engines, which tips the scales of some buyers, depending on how much the operator values noise.

You will have greater flexibility with a petrol pressure washer

Cables do not restrict petrol machines, thus are more transportable than electric. Small petrol units can also be lifted onto roofs, which could prove problematic with extension cords offering potential pinch-points.

Important to note that a heavy-duty extension lead should be used with electric units to keep voltage levels steady, insuring against overloading.

Which option is the safest?

This can go either way. Before you start having fun with your pressure cleaner, safety precautions need to be adhered to – both to prevent operator and machine injury.

The obvious one for personal safety is not to spray high-pressure water anywhere near yourself or others. Also, keep your hose in check, so it doesn’t tangle up and provide a trip hazard. This applies equally to both petrol and electric machines. The electrical cable acts as another potential trip hazard if not correctly handled.

For safeguarding the machine against misuse, electric devices can be thermally protected with a stop switch function which cuts the motor when the trigger is released. This saves the pump from overheating under bypass mode. Petrol units are rarely built with this feature; instead, they can have water tanks that cool the reticulated water and keep the pump safe.

Weighing all of the above points, petrol solutions are ultimately the safest option.

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